Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Indian Community in Japan

Are you Indians and Living in Japan You need to learn English, Why? because  this country is quite close in customs and culture as their own country. Of course, there are plenty of differences too – but if you learn to find what you want when you want it, you would be able to fight the feelings of exclusion and homesickness pretty well. Living in a foreign country has never been easy and obviously, you seek more and more information to get settled. Nothing is easy to start off with Feelings of being left alone with all kind of difficulties are not uncommon. Many of us have already experienced the same if live in Japan you may learn that:

1.    Appearances count – In Japan – as in most Asian countries – the treatment you receive would very much depend on the way you dress. So, if you want to be treated well, you need to ensure you are wearing good formal clothes when you deal with authorities or business people.

2.    Patience and politeness is very important – it is very important not to show impatience or to speak or behave brusquely in Japan. Politeness and patience are considered to be virtues of people of essence and the lack of it – just the opposite.

3.    Gifts are expected in Japan as tokens of appreciation – though bribery is not appreciated, people love to receive gifts and you would solve many problems fast if you learn how to show your appreciation with the required finesse. It is recommended you to carry small, yet valuable gift items such as silver key rings, t-shirts, sandal wood bookmarks, pens, small bell metal or silver figurines, etc.

4.    Locate and contact the Indian Embassy – it is always good to immediately get into contact with the Indian Embassy in Tokyo. You need to have the phone number and other coordinated handy – in case any emergency occurs.

5.    Indian shopping malls and eateries – there are plenty of Indian restaurants in Japan  and convenience stores in Japan where you could get most of the things you find at home. This is also a great place to meet other Indians and become part of the local Indian community.

6.    Local Indian community – there are plenty of Indians in Japan for various reasons and you would be able to get into contact with some or other Indian as you become comfortable in Japan. It is good to get actively involved with the Indian community as you would find adequate guidance for your day-to-day problems with other fellow Indians.

7.    Find Help on the Internet – 

Hope this helps for the best spirit of Indian community in Japan to ease out the daily life in a foreign country where English is not the first language. An attempt has been made to help the fellow Indians visiting Japan to understand the local stuff and culture for a happy living.